In this peaceful world, what will happen when nations collide?

    Basic Rules



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    Basic Rules

    Post  Ashley on Sat Apr 21, 2012 10:38 am

    1. ADMIN's: The ADMIN's are people. Like, smaller and more hardworking versions of me, they are peacekeepers when I'm not here! When on this site you will listen to what to what the ADMINs say and follow if it will keep the peace. If you have a problem with any of the ADMINs, pm Ashley.
    Subject: Admin questioning.
    Say what you want about the admin in question and send it.

    2. Chatbox: The chatbox is a gift and an easy way to talk with other members of the site. However it is not a right. The chatbox can be cut off at anytime. I really do not want this action to take place, so please, let's be civil people.

    3. Chatbox fights: Fighting is not welcomed into the chatbox...but if one does happen while I'm not on (Or the other ADMINs) you will PM all ADMINs with your side of the story. We will deal with all sides and all at fault. PM as followed-
    Subject: FIGHT and the date of the altercation. The body text will have your story and names are always welcomed (But don't just throw them out there!).

    4. Character Applications: Follow everything on the applications and you won't have any problems. I will not be taking any apps that are half assed. As in the following:
    ~Personality is maybe a few words to bullets
    ~History isn't fully explained as to how you managed to get here through your life
    ~You have no history
    There is more I'm sure but this is the basics that I hate to see.

    5. Posting: In the posts you have many places to interact with others. Don't post with players YOU KNOW you can't be around. If we have to, the ADMINs will use their powers to pull you and or the text out. On a lighter may use colors for speaking. Just remember to use the same colors for the same person! Also please post at LEAST 50 words. It isn't a me it isn't at all....but that should give you 2 to 3 lines and keep you away from the ever annoying one liners. But if you can manage to post more than good for you! That would be great, you posting bunny you! But remember 50 words no less.

    6. Explicit Content: When in a post, and your about to have relations with another character, please type a quick post, saying that 'the following posts will have explicit content' OR write that warning (the following posts will have explicit content) in OOC style (parenthesis such as this writing right here that you are reading) and then, post that up. After that post, you may post normally but put the ENTIRE POST into a Spoiler (click the OTHERS tab and click Spoiler, then type it all)Or if you are against all of the above, the couples section will gladly be there for all of you and your love's use.

    7. (OOC): OOC stands for Out Of Character. If you must say something or add to anything on your post that is out of the following- (OOC I really can't wait to see what your guys think off this!). Remember that it is for the PLAYER not the character.

    8. Gods: There will be no super being on this site. It's a free for all so PM one another or use the chatbox (If we still have it by then..) to come up with a plan for the posting. {Any trying to rule over everything will be a detetion from the site! Getting hit in the neck by arrow is death, not a giggle.}

    9. Deaths: Death is forever. Once your character dies they are dead. There is no coming back seeing how we have nothing to do with zombies. If you want your character to die PM the ADMINs first then the player who will be killing your character. (After death you can make a new Character!)
    Notice: Since this site does dabble in the "mystic arts", there can be special circumstances where a character can be brought back to life. To do so, please PM me a detailed reason for when and how you cheated the cold clutches of death!

    10. Fowl Mouths: If on the chatbox and you start to will be kicked off. I'm not talking about saying damn, but dropping a F-bomb on someone. I'll have none of that. If you continue you will get ban. In the posting we find you swearing once in a while we won't say anything...but keep it close to zero, not every other word.

    11. Ideas: Do you have an idea that you think should be added? Or could it be that you think we should get rid of it? Whatever the case, post in the IDEA forum. We would love to hear it! I'm no where near perfect, nor is this site. But with every new idea we can get closer to it!

    12. Going to be gone: Are you leaving for a day, two days, a week? Please put it in the the GOING TO BE GONE? forum. Make a topic and tell us. We'll miss you dearly.. Sad

    13. Colored names: Your name is color coded for a reason. They show you what being you and everyone else is. So meaning you can't make 2 characters on the same account. NPC's aren't anything so don't worry unless you feel like you need to do so.

    14. How many characters can I have?: You can only have 1 character per account. No questions asked. It just gets confusing.

    15. Last one: Remember to have fun! What good is it to you if you aren't? If you have a problem with any of the other players PM us ADMINS instead of duking it out on chat. Or if you see one of US on the chat tell us directly.
    *keep in mind of all the rules as you play on the site!*

    That is the end to my emporium of rules! Abide by, (or just don't be a douche) and we'll all have a grand ole' time!

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